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This intensive course is highly focused on IELTS preparation. We also offer a supplementary course that aims to give you a strong grasp of general English, while also teaching you for the IELTS exam. This popular Academic English course is ideal for students who need a proven level of English for work and career purposes. The aim of this course is to equip you with the skills needed to write clear and detailed essays.Classes will help increase your IELTS writing score by practicing specific essays and language to improve your written proficiency. This programme is right for you if:
• You want to improve your English skills and gain an internationally recognized English language qualification. • You might want to enter for university in the UK, Westminster University, MDIS Tashkent, or any other universities where required IELTS exam Certificate. • You need a work visa for a country which accepts an IELTS score as proof of language proficiency. • You want to enhance your CV and improve your chance for professional success in the future. Take this course and you can be confident that you will be taught by highly qualified IELTS Instructor in Tashkent.

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Ташкент, Ташкентская область, Мирзо Улугбекский район