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Well paid teacher vacancy

Ташкент, Ташкентская область, Юнусабадский район Добавлено в 09:16, 19 июля 2018, Номер объявления: 16110758
1 000 000 - 4 000 000 сум
English teacher (woman) needed!!!
Duties: -to provide academic instruction to individuals or small groups inside the classroom; -to help students to improve their grades, understand difficult concepts, receive extra help to catch up with classroom lessons, prepare for higher educational establishments, and get ready for formal standardized examinations, such as the IELTS and etc.
Principal requirements: -must be able to tap into what motivates each individual student and adjust their approach accordingly; -must have appropriate certificates proving their subject knowledge;-MUST HAVE PEDAGOGICAL SKILLS (if you got higher score in IELTS it does not mean that you are experienced pedagogue).
Send your CV and a copy of certificates to open position.